Programs Offered

~Individualized Programming ~ Individual Rooms ~ Title IV-E Eligible ~ Equine Therapy ~ On-Site Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment ~ Cognitive Behavior Group ~ Academic Credit Recovery ~ Community Service/Restitution Worksite~


The Valley-Lake Boy’s Home, Inc. is a private non-profit  501 (c) 3 residential treatment facility for boys with severe behavior problems. It is licensed through the Minnesota Department of Corrections for up to fourteen boys between the ages of 12 and 18. The goal of the Valley-Lake Boy’s Home, Inc. is to provide a safe and secure environment in which a youth can work through the conflicts connected to his inappropriate and negative behaviors. The program is designed to facilitate attitudinal and behavioral changes that will allow these adolescents to function in their own community. 

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Point/Level System

At Valley Lake Boys Home, each resident who is in the traditional program has the control to earn their way out in a timeline that is up to him, based on his effort and behavior.  Valley Lake has a point system and a level system.  In order to earn release from the traditional program, residents must earn a minimum of 1,500 points.  Each resident begins the day with ten points.  Positive behaviors that exceed expectations earns plus points.  Negative, disruptive, rule-breaking behaviors earn downgrades.  The points are tied into a four level color system.  Each level has certain privileges designed to help the residents see the long-term consequences of their behavior.


The education program is built around a concept of individualized instruction. The residents attend a self-contained classes located at the Breckenridge High School taught by Core content teachers and EBD/LD teachers. Valley Lake staff help supervise the classroom and also provide tutorial assistance. Residents can also earn mainstream classes based upon behavior and school progress. Some may have the opportunity to make up classes or credits that they may have missed. Students may also work towards GED completion. Summer school sessions are held each summer. Valley Lake students have classroom access to accelerated math, reading, and writing programs.


Valley Lake recognizes the importance of family involvement. Family involvement serves as a motivator, source of information, support for staff and son, and a part of the discharge planning. Positive family involvement is encouraged and appreciated. We encourage calls, letters, and visits. Sunday afternoons are designated as family time at Valley Lake. Residents in the traditional program with acceptable behaviors can earn home visits every other weekend.


Weekly group sessions are held in which residents work on various topics from decision making to interpersonal skills. An integrated cognitive behavior change curriculum is used to address and identify problem behaviors and attitudes. The concept is integrated into the every day living practices at the Valley-Lake Boy's Home.  Group participation is required for all residents.  Facilitators for weekly group are provided by Solutions Counseling,  Birchwood Counseling and Breckenridge Rape and Abuse Crisis Center.

Case Manager

Each resident is assigned an individual Case Manager.  He or she will be responsible for maintaining contact with referring agencies and parents. The Case Manager will work to develop an individualized program that is responsive to the needs of each resident. Cognitive behavior curriculum is worked on with each resident on an individual basis. Staffings are held after 30 days of placement to evaluate progress.

Medical/Mental Health Needs

Medical service is supplied by area physicians and the St. Francis Medical Center located in Breckenridge. Psychological evaluations, psychiatric treatment, chemical dependency and other outpatient needs are available through both local agencies and facilities in the resident's home community. Valley Lake provides transportation when necessary.

Recreation & Leisure Time

The daily schedule includes structured and supervised recreation time. Our recreation building provides year round indoor recreation. Seasonal outdoor activites are also enjoyed. School and community resources are also utilized when possible. Various activities include basketball, sporting events, volleyball, swimming, softball, arts and drama, crafts, football and weight lifting.

Program Enhancements

»  Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment at this facility
»  90 day program, 30 day evaluation or short term care
»  Cognitive Behavior Curriculum
»  Short term care available from 1 to 30 days
»  Community service and MN CEP work site
»  Title IV-E Eligible Program
»  Transportation provided for court and appointments
»  Individual bedrooms for each resident

Outpatient Chemical Dependency Treatment

Outpatient chemical Treatment is available through the  Life Transformations.  This treatment is located on the grounds of this facility, and can be individual or group.   This is a ten week (50 hours) program.  There is also an opportunity for a "Drug and Alcohol Education" class.  


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